WIAPS Accredited

Safe drinking water is one of the most important parts of daily life, and any interruption to the safety or supply can be disastrous. That’s why schemes like the Water Industry Approved Plumbers’ Scheme exist, to guarantee the ability for a contractor to provide safe, sanitary installations and repairs to your mains water or drinking water supply.

For domestic water supply work, it’s always important to work with accredited and certified installation technicians. Utiliko have decades of combined experience in offering the highest quality of domestic water supply work and are fully registered with the Water Industry Approved Plumbers’ Scheme, commonly referred to as WIAPS.

To guarantee the highest quality of workmanship and the safest possible installations, WIAPS accredited technicians should always be employed for any domestic mains or clean water supply work. Accreditation means new connections or main water supply lines can be self certified by the Utiliko team, without requiring an additional United Utilities inspection or sign off. That means Utiliko can complete domestic mains water installations from start to finish entirely in house, from the initial site inspection and survey, through all installation works utilising the latest technology and techniques, to final commissioning and sign off of your new installation.

Using a single trusted and accredited utility contractor not only saves significant amounts of time in completing your installation project, but can also save you money. We offer exceptionally competitive rates for all domestic water supply works and have many satisfied customers across the North West. Our team have worked across Cumbria and North Lancashire on a wide variety of domestic mains water supply works and complete all jobs to the highest possible standard, regardless of scale.

We can provide you with our expert advice from start to finish, guiding your project with our vast experience and professional approach to domestic water supply work. All mains water supply on your property is your own responsibility, and therefore it is always recommended to use a fully certified and professional mains water supply contractor. 

Whether you’re looking for a consultation on expanding, diverting or upgrading your mains water supply, or repair, maintenance or emergency call outs, Utiliko have the experience and equipment to meet your needs. Our team is fully accredited and works to UK Water Fitting Regulations to ensure all installations and repairs are safe, legal and standard. By working with WIAPS approved technicians like Utiliko, you can rest easy that no further costly inspections are required by United Utilities, streamlining the installation process and saving you time and money.

Whatever domestic mains water supply project you have in mind, talk to Utiliko today and let our team of experienced professionals offer our expert advice to ensure the smoothest, safest and speediest installation and completion of your project. We have completed all manner of domestic water supply work across Cumbria and North Lancashire to the highest level and to full WIAPS approved standards, and our many satisfied customers are testament to the professionalism and hard work of our team.