Under Pressure Drilling

At Utiliko, we understand the importance of minimising disruption to your operations. Repairs, maintenance or expansion to existing systems can all involve costly and lengthy down time to your business. We are proud to offer the latest techniques of under pressure drilling, also known as hot tapping or pressure tapping.

Under pressure drilling allows precision cuts to be made to existing pipelines and installations, without interrupting the supply of the line being added to. This modern, high tech approach to mains water supply expansion means no disruption to your mains water supply while giving you the flexibility to add capacity or install maintenance routes, pressure sensors or test points to your existing supply line.

Because pressure drilling means no system drainage is required, installation is typically much faster and the total down time required for the project is much lower than traditional expansion projects would allow for. Our team have decades of combined experience in using precision under pressure drilling techniques across the North West, with completed projects and satisfied customers across Cumbria and North Lancashire.

Our team of highly trained and experienced hot tapping technicians can advise you every step of the way. We can carry out a site survey of your existing installation to help assess whether under pressure drilling is the right solution to the needs of your project. Our skilled team own and operate all the necessary machinery to carry out under pressure drilling on a wide range of pipe bores, keeping the entire project in house and streamlining the expansion 

or branching of your mains water supply system.

Under pressure drilling is an ideal solution where new connections, supply branching, fire hydrants or air valves need to be installed on working supply. It can also be valuable where a section of supply pipe needs to be bypassed for repair work or due to disruption caused by other site works.

Contact our experienced team today to discuss whether under pressure drilling is the right option for your project or business. We would be happy to advise your company on the best way to complete necessary works with the minimal down time or disruption to your services. We also operate skilled reinstatement squads to complete all backfilling, paving or tarmac laying once under pressure drilling has been finished – completing every step of the job in house and to the highest possible standard. Our call out teams are available for emergency work 24/7, giving you peace of mind that your business is supported, whatever and wherever.

We can offer our under pressure drilling services across the North West of England, having worked on infrastructure and under pressure drilling projects at all scales and in many different circumstances. 

Under Pressure Drilling Services