New Connections

A well planned and executed drainage solution is integral to the planning of any new construction or extension to an existing commercial premises. There are several factors which can greatly impact the ease of installation and are not always fully considered when initial plans are drawn up for commercial construction projects or when planning an extension to your existing site.

At Utiliko, we have handled new drainage connections for many small, medium and large businesses across the North West of England, with satisfied, repeat customers in Cumbria and North Lancashire. We have built a wealth of experience in designing, sourcing materials and executing effective drainage connection projects and can bring this knowledge to your next commercial venture.

An entirely new drainage connection requires notifying the correct local authority, and must adhere to strict guidelines and legislation when it comes to planning, location, materials and access points. By using skilled and experienced drainage technicians from Utiliko utility contractors, you can rest easy that the entire process is being handled by a team with specific experience in the field.

As Water Industry Approved Plumbers’ Scheme (WIAPS) certified technicians, our team can self-certify the installation and carry out the vast majority of the surveying and planning of any new drainage connections ourselves. This can greatly streamline the process from start to finish, not only saving you time but also keeping costs down where delays can mean significant increases to your project’s expenditure.

Our team holds all necessary qualifications, certifications and work cards to complete every aspect of drainage connections and sewerage work. We also operate our own fleet of fully maintained and certified plant and machinery, including all the vehicles and equipment necessary to complete trench runs, backfilling and the installation of new drainage connections.

Where new connections are required to run beneath roads or highways, we can carry out all necessary work to the highest possible level, conforming to the New Roads and Street Works Act of 1991. In fact we have a great deal of experience in working closely on infrastructure projects alongside the Highways Agency and are more than happy to complete new drainage connections beneath roads and highways. The best possible routing of your drainage connection can be discussed in detail during the initial planning and consultation stage – we will always look to avoid major excavation work wherever suitable for the needs of your project but are happy to undertake these works where necessary for the optimum functionality of your drainage system.

Contact our team today to discuss the drainage needs of your business and find out more about how our experts can assist you in completing well designed, functional and long-lasting drainage solutions that exceed your business’ expectations.

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