New and Renewed Services

If you’re planning an extension, a new build property or looking to reconfigure the layout of your existing home’s bathrooms, utility rooms or kitchen, get in touch with Utiliko to find out the best way to approach your drainage connection. We have worked with domestic customers across the North West of England and have built a reputation for a professional, friendly and timely approach to domestic drainage works.

By working with fully Water Industry Approved Plumbers’ Scheme accredited installation technicians, with decades of combined experience in utility and drainage projects, you get expert advice, cost effective techniques and access to the latest technology and equipment to ensure your new or reconfigured drainage connection project is completed to the highest possible standard.

We can work closely with you or your architect or project manager every step of the way, from the initial consultation and planning stage, right through sourcing materials at the best possible prices, to the installation, backfilling and certification of your new drainage connection. By keeping the entire process in house, the project is streamlined and you save both time and money in completing your construction, just one of the many benefits of working with the highly experienced and fully certified technicians at Utiliko.

If you’re planning a new build, or simply looking to extend your existing property, we are happy to offer our expert advice. We can organise a no obligation site visit to assess the exact needs of the project and recommend the best way of attaining the new drainage connection required. We can survey expected capacity to ensure you get a connection sized to the exact needs of your property, and plan access points to ensure future maintenance is as easy as possible.

We have our own fleet of plant and machinery, fully certified and maintained by our expert technicians. Regardless of the needs of the project or the size of the job, we are certain to have not only the equipment needed but also the right technicians and experience to provide a smooth, one-stop approach to the installation of your new drainage connection.

Get in touch today to organise a free, no obligation site visit to discuss the needs of your project and find out how our experienced team can make your new build, extension or reconfiguration as simple and smooth as possible. Wherever you’re located across the Lake District, South Lakes or North Lancashire, our team can talk you through the entire process from start to finish and recommend the best way to move ahead with repairing, maintaining or installing your drainage system to ensure you have access to the right level of drainage for your property. We look forward to showing you exactly why we have such a strong reputation for quality and professionalism with all of our valued domestic customers.

New And Renewed Services for Water Connections